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Video Guidelines

  • Film in landscape mode (phone on the side)

  • Make sure you are not dancing in front of bright windows

  • Wear appropriate and form-fitted attire

  • Upload your four video clips (Introduction, Ballet Centre, Contemporary, Improvisation) as one complete video file and title it your full name.

Video Submission Requirements


  • A brief close-up shot of your face, from the waist up.

  • Clearly state your full name, age, and residing city 



  • Tendu in the center combination with a pirouette from 5th 

  • Adagio in the center with extensions front, side, and back

  • Pirouette that travels across the floor (en dehors and en dedans)

  • Petite allegro combination

  • Grand allegro combination

Record the combinations on the right and left sides.  Combinations should be brief (two to four 8counts each side) 



A prepared contemporary solo to musical accompaniment.  If applicable, state the title of the solo, the choreographer, and the composer of the music prior to performing.


  • The solo may be original choreography or from repertory.

  • Solo should demonstrate dynamic shifts of weight, seamless transitions in and out of floorwork, and show a broad range of movement and artistic qualities

  • The solo should be approximately two minutes in length.



  • Improvisation exercise one minute in length

  • You are allowed to choose your own music.

Video Submission

Go [HERE] to complete the Video Audition Registration Form. Have your submission video link ready. 

Approved submission formats:

  • Unlisted YouTube Link

  • Anyone can access - Google Drive link

  • Open Vimeo Link

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